Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Post Mission Transition

To sum things up
-Lots of awesome time with the family - my awesome nieces and nephews, bros, sis etc.
-Hangin out with Kyle my main man
-Being with Hales, my partner in crime.
-Oh, and work, School - - - But I didn't really document all that with pictures...
- Off to Tucson for the summer.  I think the billboard picture sums up all of that!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mission Call

So I got my call Wednesday, and long story short I didn't open it until Friday! I waited to go down to St. George Friday after my classes so I could be with the family and open it there. It was an awesome trip and it was a great experience opening my call with the family all around. I got a little choked up and all of course because it was so cool to hear the amazing promises that the Lord has given to those who choose to serve him, and just realizing that I have my mission call! Something that I've sung about since primary! I'm going to the Brazil, Fortaleza mission and I leave on March 17th. What an honor to leave on Grandpa J's birthday. Dad and Haley both guessed Brazil but only Dad's count becaues Haley had like five other guesses along with Brazil. A great weekend! Complete with a visit to the Stahley Family Farm, phase ten, shopping, and amazing yogurt! KRAZE

I wish I had stayed more updated here but when you're trying to do it on facebook and a journal it gets tough! It's been a great semester of college. Everything is going well and I've met some awesome guys from Burley Idaho that I spend a lot of time with! One, who I'm closest to, has his call to Des Moines Iowa and he leaves Jan 20th. Too many things to write about, so I'll leave it at that!


Friday, September 18, 2009

My Love and Gratitude

So I'm sitting here in the Harris Fine Arts Center after my Music 101 class and the only work I have to do during my two hour break isn't school work, but it's the best work that I have ever had to do.... Filling out my mission papers. I'm currently overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings that I have been given, and I'm struggling to hold back the tears despite the students at work all around me. Years of watching young men leave on their missions and wondering what it will be like to be in their shoes, and now I'm here. Through trials and frustrations, arguments and misunderstandings, my amazing family has been there for me. I love you all. What you've been and done for me has made all the difference. How often I have thought about and wished for this day and time in my life I cannot say, but I am (more literally than ever) overwhelmed by the spirit in gratitude and thanksgiving for the life that I have been given along with the people and experiences that have been placed in it.

I have an amazing father who loves me, and has taught me to love others. He has taught me to love the scriptures and the principles that are found within them. He has inspired me to be who I am and to hopefully become what he is someday. What an admirable man he is. Humble, knowledgeable, wise and understanding. A true doer of the word and a worthy priesthood holder.

I have the sweetest of mothers. The purest of pure, the kindest of kind, the most understanding and Christ-like on earth I believe. And I have been blessed everyday of my life to see her, to hug her, to learn from her and now at college, miss her more than ever. To find a sweetheart of my own someday that will be to my children what she has been to me, will be a feat in itself. I Love her with a capital 'L', "more than Jesus loves us."

I thank the Lord everyday for them both. As my patriarchal blessing says, I truly have been born of goodly parents. And in my own words, 'born of goodly siblings' as well. You've loved me, you've dealt with me, and you've changed me so much for the better. Three brothers that I am inspired by and look to as three of my greatest examples in life. Three brothers that love their wives and children, and honor them. That know the value that God has placed on his choicest of creations, his daughters. I love you, and thank you for your everlasting impressions on me.
Four daughters of God that I have been blessed to call my sisters. As I ponder the examples you have been to me, the recurring thought that comes to mind is that of a picture of Christs' loving smile that I see on my desk everyday. I don't know how else to say it, his image is truly in your countenances. Your love and understanding is immense, your talents are rare, and the spirit you each carry with you is ever felt by your family. I'm convinced that God sheds tears of joy when he sees daughters of such strength who change the lives of all they meet, and live such amazing lives as my sisters do.

God lives, he loves us, and I know it. His gospel is perfect and we have it on the earth today because of a young boy, Joesph Smith, who knew there was something more. The savior atoned for our sins, mine and yours individually, and by him and through him we can all be saved and live together as an eternal family. I can't wait to have a call to serve, a chance to dedicate a small portion of my life to the Lord's work. I want to thank you all once more for the part you have played in preparing me, from day one, for this phase of my life.
I write this all with tears of gratitude in my eyes, and a prayer of thanksgiving for my wonderful family and all my blessings. I love all you so much.

-Love Taylor Ray

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This weekend and the whole past week of my life have been dominated with singing and performing. How nice to have a break! The Disney concert went well and we all had a blast (Chamber choir and Acapella for me) performing with Alex Boye. Chamber choir performed Aladdin and Acapella did The Lion King (SO fun) along with Disney spectacular; that consisted of a combination of many different popular disney melodies (the bear necessities, chim-chim-chiree, bibidi bobidi boo, when you wish upon a star, hi-hoe, supercalifradulistic, Candle on the water, I'm late!, etc.) Thanks to all the family and friends who were able to make it!

Some People just don't know how to take pictures huh? haha

The first night of the show with Hallie Belle!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Orem High Game

We Lost the game... which is the ultimate bummer. BUT there were more people in that gym than I have ever seen and it was SUPER loud. Stud. Co. did try to advertise well :D "Bruin Territory" - "Hey, hey you, ya you know the story, tell the whole wide world this is BRUIN TERRITORY!"

Jaaaazzzin IT UP!

This Is Cove . . . Shane and Shannon Hansen's Little boy! SO cute!

Preference and Homecoming!

This Was Homecoming a while back with Cami Quinones! Super fun dance and great friend!

Taylor Johnson and Taylor young: friends from elementary school, now preparing to graduate from high school...seen here enjoying Preference '09 together at California Pizza Kitchen!

Sunday, January 25, 2009




(L to R - Kyle Hansen, Travis Lindberg, Clark Kerswell, Me, Collin Seastrand, Kyle Harvey)

My friends and I had a blast up at the Condo in Midway for the third straight year! Six of us total. We played some intense Halo, had some fun with throwing snowballs ; D, played some MAD SAUCE doubles ping pong, ate/snacked, watched John Q, and did some improve singing while Collin played his guitar. Funnest night ever like always! We also had a miniature dance party with Clark's music and also his Strobe light. We left the next morning after having an amazing breakfast that Mom and Dad made for us and made it to our Jr. Jazz games! Thanks Steph and Jake for letting us go up there... We've made a lot of great memories!


This is the Honda CB 250 that I bought for $200! :O It runs great and is super fun to drive. I saw it sitting outside of my work for about 4 months, never moved. So I left a note on it and got a call a few days later. Long story short, it was a repo. so the guys didn't care about it and all he needed was the $200 that the guy owed. Pretty fun, I'll do some simple work to make it look better and have some fun! (while wearing a helmet of course)